Trapeze Boardroom Table Frame


  • Standard Finish: Polished Aluminium Legs
  • Optional Finish: Metalic or Black Textured Powder Coated Legs
  • Legs can be set at 3 different Angles (45, 22.5 or 0 Degrees) to Accomodate a larger range of table top Depths.
  • TableTops: Large Range of Laminate Colours Available
  • Matching Meeting Tables Available
  • Power and Data Boxes Available


  • Standard

         To Suit Tops:

1200-1800W x 800-1400D

1700-2400W x 800-1400D

2300-3000W x 800-1400D


  • XL

        To Suit Tops:

1200-1800W x 1000-1800D

1700-2400W x 1000-1800D

2300-3000W x 1000-1800D


  • Standard Multi-Leg

        To Suit Tops:

2400-4800W x 850/1050-1400D (2 Piece Top)

3600-6600W x 850/1050-1400D (3 Piece Top)

4800-8400W x 850/1050-1400D (4 Piece Top)


  • XL Multi-Leg

         To Suit Tops:

2400-4800W x 1000/1250-1800D (2 Piece Top)

3600-6600W x 1000/1250-1800D (3 Piece Top)

4800-8400W x 1000/1250-1800D (4 Piece Top)


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