Axis Perching Stool

The Axis Stool is designed for all Sit-Stand working environments.

  • Offices,
  • Research Labs,
  • Industrial,
  • Hot desking and Unassigned Seating

Axis has been developed to ensure that you can maintain optimum posture whether sitting, standing or perching, and as such – is a perfect accompaniment to any standard task chair giving users a choice of two types of seat at their workstation.

Axis reacts to each subtle movement of the body and realigns itself wherever the user wishes to be.

Axis is ideal for any mode of working in the modern workplace, including tablets, laptops, fixed PC’s, draft-height surfaces, reception areas and laboratories.

Axis is both light and portable, making it ideal for use in Agile working environments where users of varying heights and weight choose to operate in different locations

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