Strata Electric + Aura Screen Single Straight Workstation

Strata Electric + Aura Screen Single Straight Workstation

Single Straight Workstation 1 Screen

  • Feature Highlights
  • Single Straight Workstation ; 1 Blade Aura Workstation Screen
  • White Powdercoat Finish
  • Standard Scallop to Worktop
  • Strata desk height range 630-1300mm
  • Side Mounting Screen Height 300mm
  • Centre Mounting Screen Height 300mm
  • Workstation Cluster includes; Worktop, Desk Frame, Screens, Brackets
  • Workstation Cluster excludes; Power/Data & Softwiring, Caddies, Chairs, Shelves
  • Extended colour range options available only
  • Note: Worktops are reduced by 10mm overall to provide necessary clearance
  • Aura Screen is tested for fire retardancy to comply with Australian building regulations
  • Aura Screen Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is 0.85
  • 10 year warranty (excludes textile components)

Product description

Strata Electric + Aura Panel Workstation

Designed to impress and built to last, Strata is a sit/stand electric workstation. With a huge 10 year warranty on both the frame and motor, Strata Electric is the ultimate in comfort and choice.

Combine the Strata Electric Workstation with Aura Panel Screens to increase privacy and functionality.

* Optional side mounting screens and accessories available

Individual Worktop Sizes (mm)

1200 W x 600 D

1200 W x 750 D

1500 W x 600 D

1500 W x 750 D

1800 W x 600 D

1800 W x 750 D 


Worktop Colour Options

Aura Panel Colour Options


Product information

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