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Item Code: GB

6mm toughened Glass with polished edges and rounded corners. Each Glass board is available in over 100 standard Dulux colours. The rear side of the glass is painted and baked on, ensuring an excellent and easy to erase writing surface. Supplied with 4 or 6 (depending on size) Stainless steel mounting attachments.The glass (as all standard "clear" glass does) has a slight green tinge due to the presence of iron oxides.

Also available - Starphire Glass boards - No green tinge

                          - Magnetic Glass boards - White - in most sizes

Standard sizes:

900 x 600mm

900 x 900mm

1200 x 900mm

1200 x 1200mm

1500 x 900mm

1500 x 1200mm

1800 x 900mm

1800 x 1200mm

2000 x 1200mm

2400 x 1200mm


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